Ultrafast Broadband Boost for Castle Cary and Bruton …. a message from Gigaclear:

Gigaclear, the UK’s largest rural alt-net, has started work in Castle Cary and Bruton to connect the two towns to its ultrafast full-fibre broadband network.


Gigaclear’s network is already present across much of rural Somerset. Now, the broadband provider has the opportunity to continue to expand its existing network on a commercial basis, to underserved market towns in the county, where internet speeds are still extremely poor.


Castle Cary’s existing broadband speeds are around 32.6Mbps, while Bruton’s stall at 33.3Mbps, both well below the national average of 80Mbps plus*. Gigaclear’s full-fibre upgrade will bring speeds of up to 900Mbps to just over 2,000 homes and business premises across the two towns. In total the project will require over 28,000 metres of fibre which will be laid via trenching as well as through existing duct and pole infrastructure.

Jo Scarrott, South West General Manager at Gigaclear, comments: “We’ve already been building our network in rural Somerset where we’ve focussed on bridging the digital divide and addressing inadequate broadband provision. Now that we’ve got a well-established network here, we can turn our attention to its market towns, like Castle Cary and Bruton, which are calling out for better internet.

“Fast broadband speeds are a necessity for a modern economy. The way in which we live and work depends on the internet, something that has been sharply underlined by the pandemic. We believe in digital inclusion for all and we’re excited to bring our network to more people so they can enjoy the life-changing benefits that come with world-leading connectivity.”

The expansion of Gigaclear’s network build to Castle Cary and Bruton is expected to be completed by Spring 2022.

To find out more information, or to check if your property can connect to the network, please visit www.gigaclear.com and use the postcode checker.