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The Planning Committee meets on the 1st Monday of each month (unless it’s a Bank Holiday-see the meetings schedule) at 7pm, in The Market House, when there are planning applications and issues to consider.  If the District Council requires an early response to a planning application, a special meeting is normally held immediately before the monthly Town Council meeting on the third Monday in the month.

The Planning Agenda, listing the planning applications to be considered, is posted three clear days (excluding Sundays) before the date of the meeting on the Town Council’s notice board situated outside the Market House and below. This agenda will remain on the web site until it is replaced by the agenda for the next meeting.

Draft Minutes will be posted on the website within 10 working days and will be replaced with approved Minutes after they have been agreed as a correct record at the following Planning meeting. If amendments need to be made, this may take a few days. Minutes from the from the current and the previous calendar year are available on this website; if you would like to see minutes from earlier years, please contact the Town Clerk.

Members of the public are welcome to attend planning meetings and may speak for up to 3 minutes supporting or objecting to applications. Only parts of meetings (in camera) where confidential or other restricted information is being discussed are not open to the public or press.

Please note that Castle Cary Town Council does not make the decisions on Planning applications, this is done by Planning Officers at South Somerset District Council. Your Planning Committee works hard to gather the views of the residents of Castle Cary and, working with Ansford Parish Council, the views of Ansford residents where appropriate, in composing the observations that are sent to SSDC.

Planning Applications can be viewed online.

A link to the SSDC planning page is here. Instructions on how to access planning applications are here: SSDC how-to-search on planning website

Planning breaches can be reported online to the Enforcement Team at South Somerset: Report a planning breach and planning enforcement

Click on the titles for  the Conservation Areas in Castle Cary  the Conservation Area Boundaries the Castle Cary & Ansford Parish Boundaries and the Town Leaflet map

Updates applicable to Planning can be found here.



Agenda for meeting on 4th July 2022



Minutes from 6th June 2022 (draft)

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OUT Abri site Station Road

Minutes from 11th January 2021




Minutes from meeting on 7th December 2020

Appeal observation 37 High St (Stuckey’s Bank/Old Nat West Bank)

Minutes from meeting on 2nd November 2020

CCTC response to Govt White Paper ‘Planning for the Future’

Minutes from meeting on 5th October 2020

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CCTC observation on S106 Wayside Farm

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Planning Business transacted May 2020

Planning Business transacted late April 2020

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Minutes from 2 December 2020 meeting

Additional Information 1901871REM & 1903109S73

Additional Information 1902353DPO Wayside Farm

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