Castle Cary Town Council


A full Town Council is made up of thirteen Councillors:

Judi Morison

Chair of Town Council; Chair of Finance & HR
[email protected]


Penny Steiner

Deputy Chair of Council; Chair of Marketing and Communications; Town Council representative of Fairfield Group.

[email protected]

Sally Snook

Chair of Planning; Webmaster; CCTC Representative, Dimmer Liaison Group,  Friends of the Cemetery Chapel and B3153 Lydford to Ansford Bridge Traffic Management Group.

[email protected]

[email protected]

Kenneth Gray

Vice-Chair of Planning. [email protected]

Philippa Biddlecombe

[email protected] 

Chair of Properties & Infrastructure

Rob Worth

[email protected]

Vice-Chair Properties & Infrastructure

A (Pek) Peppin

Neighbourhood Plan Group. Town Council Representative, Castle Cary Museum.
[email protected]

Margaret Bebbington

[email protected]

CCTC Representative, Friends of the Cemetery Chapel

Bob Gilbey

Nick Crowley

Bob Sherrard

Castle Cary Councillors’ register of interests are on the South Somerset District Council website.