Castle Cary Town Council

Agenda and Minutes

Full Town Council meetings are normally held in the Shambles at The Market House, starting at 7pm, on the third Monday of each month (or on Tuesday after a Bank Holiday Monday).  Agendas for full Council Meetings are published three clear days (excluding Sunday) before the meeting on this website and on the Town Council Noticeboard outside The Market House. This agenda will remain on the web site until it is replaced by the agenda for the next meeting.

Members of the public are welcome to attend all meetings of the Council and may speak for up to 3 minutes on any item they wish to be brought to the attention of the Town Council.  Only parts of meetings (in camera) where confidential or other restricted information is being discussed are not open to the public or press.

Draft Minutes will be posted on the website within 10 working days and will be replaced with approved Minutes after they have been agreed as a correct record at the following Town Council meeting. If amendments need to be made, this may take a few days.

Council Meeting Minutes from the current and the previous calendar year are available on this website; if you would like to see minutes from earlier years, please contact the Town Clerk.



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