EatCary Community Garden and its future: EatCary runs the community vegetable garden between Ansford Academy, Maggs Lane and the A371 – there is a footpath up to it on the corner.

The future of the EatCary Community Garden is uncertain!

It needs additional leadership and fresh input. There are too few of us with too little time, to run it. There is lots of space – lots of growing space outside, a large polytunnel, equipment, etc   It isn’t allotments; it is a shared growing space, and we share the produce.  We want to encourage everyone to grow vegetables and enjoy eating them.

If you or your organisation is interested in finding out more, please come to

a Public Meeting in the Shambles at the Market House


Tuesday March 6th at 7.30pm

If you cannot come to the meeting do contact Laura Tilling for more information.

Ring 01963 351461 or email [email protected]