The following is a response from John Nicholson at Somerset County Highways department about the current drainage issues at the bottom of South Cary Lane:

‘We had received various other enquiries relating to this recently and I visited site last week (wc 14th Feb 2022) to investigate further.  I noted that the recent works to the watercourse remain effective however, the gully within the junction is slightly proud of the road surface and the works to adjust that height difference and a localised patch to shape the carriageway are still pending with our contractor, this requirement was unfortunately noted shortly after the works to that watercourse were completed.  I also noted the algae starting to accumulate within the entrance to Barrow Road and a sweeper is being requested to agitate and remove that as an interim measure.

I would note that the surface water issue is in fact emanating from private land and without that surcharge the surface water issue here would be minimal, therefore I have discussed this with FWAG and they will be contacting the land owner to advise and assist that land owner with some protection works, this would be on private land to remove this land drainage overspill.  They only received the information last week so this is still ongoing.’