Local Ward boundaries are set to change.

Further details here: https://www.lgbce.org.uk/news/electoral-review/have-your-say-on-new-political-map-of-south-somerset

The proposal for Cary Ward is as follows: “There is a development taking place in Castle Cary that will prompt Cary to have electoral inequality by 2023 (16%) if its present ward boundaries are retained.
We received one submission regarding Cary, as part of the Officers’ proposal for the district.
This proposal suggested moving the parish of Babcary into Camelot ward and the parish of Yarlington into Camelot ward. We are recommending a draft Cary ward comprising the parishes of
Alford, Ansford, Castle Cary, Lovington, North Barrow, North Cadbury and South Barrow.

Cary ward will have good electoral equality by 2023.”

However, there is a lot more detail in the link above and below.