The Inquiry, which will consider whether 200 houses are to be built on the green field rising above Castle Cary Railway Station to the A371, will open at 10 am on 9th November 2021 at Caryford Hall, Maggs Lane, Ansford BA7 7JJ, and continue on 10th, 11th, 12th and 24th November under an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State.

Members of the public are entitled to attend and are strongly encouraged to do so. Sign the local petition to reject the 200 houses.

If you wish to speak at the Inquiry please turn up by 10 am on the first day as Inspectors usually ask early on who wants to speak. You can also email [email protected] to register a wish to speak. You may be asked to speak on the first day after the opening statements from the main parties or later.

You should think about what to say. You need to stay relevant. Your speaking time, likely a few minutes, is at the Inspector’s discretion.

Some possible points to make are:

  1. 200 houses will spoil the countryside and views
  2. This development is unnecessary given we already have some 600 new houses built or approved, well above our allocation
  3. It will add to traffic, pollution, commuting and the A371 is already a very busy road
  4. Castle Cary is a small, delightful market town and it needs protection from excessive development
  5. It will be another burden on local infrastructure such as roads, the NHS, schools, sewerage and add to parking congestion
  6. Your own thoughts about this green field development

This is your opportunity to object to this green field scheme.

Please sign the petition against the proposed 200 house development on Ansford Hill above the station:



1ST OCTOBER 2021: Welcome news about the updated SSDC 5 year housing Land Supply.As expected, SSDC cannot currently demonstrate a 5 year housing land supply but, at 4.7 years, the position is a lot better than expected given the continuing phosphate problems.

Here is a link to SSDC’s Paper compiled in September 2021 covering the period 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2026.

south-somerset-district-council-5-year-housing-land-supply-2021-to-2026-september-2021-new.pdf (southsomerset.gov.uk)

Here are the relevant pages of the housing table for Castle Cary and Ansford: CC&A housing table SSDC September 2021


APPEAL 19/01840/OUT APP/R3325/W/20/3259668 Location: Land North Of Ansford Hill, Ansford, Castle Cary, Somerset BA7 7PD

Update  September  2021: The appeal date is confirmed as 9th November for four days followed by one day on 24th November and will be an in person Inquiry at Caryford Hall.

CCTC observation for the above Appeal: CCTC Appeal statement

See here for further updates: https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/ViewCase.aspx

Appeal Re-determination Hearing Location: Former BMI Site, Cumnock Road, Castle Cary BA7 7HR 18/01602/FUL and 18/10603/LBC: APP/R3325/W/20/3247647 and APP/R3325/Y/20/3247652

This was discussed at the Planning meeting of Castle Cary Town Council on Monday 6th September and the following submission has been made to the Planning Inspectorate CCTC observations BMI re appeal

Appeal decision 37 High Street (old Nat West/Stuckey’s Bank) Appeal dismissed 13 January 2021: APPEAL DECISION


26th February 2021 update: https://www.southsomerset.gov.uk/news/2021/2/councils-publish-phosphates-calculator/

Another key planning issue that has come to the fore recently is that of the potential for developments to affect the already high levels of phosphates in the Somerset Levels and Moors. SSDC has issued a further briefing paper on this here and updates can be found on the SSDC website: https://www.southsomerset.gov.uk/services/planning/somerset-levels-and-phosphates/