Full statements as submitted to the Planning Inspector at the Inquiry 9th November 2021

APP/R3325/W/20/3259668 (Land North of Ansford Hill) Public Inquiry held at Caryford Hall, Ansford, Somerset on 9th November 2021 Proposed 200 house development in the field above Castle Cary station.

Inquiry adjourned – update

 CCTC has now been informed that the resumed Inquiry will continue from 29th March to 1st April 2022 inclusive.

Castle Cary Town Council has collated submissions from the speakers at the first day of the Inquiry. Please click on the relevant links to read full submission: 

Ansford Parish Council

Castle Cary Town Council

Care4Cary Traffic Presentation Mark Main

Care4Cary Local concern & Monarch’s Way Vicki Nobles

Care4Cary Inquiry Helen Cleaveland Flooding

Cary History Society

Castle Cary and Ansford Neighbourhood Plan Group

CPRE Somerset Appeal submission

Mariella Frostrup letter- President, CPRE Somerset

David Warburton MP letter to Planning Inspectorate; uploaded to SSDC Planning website

Lady Waddington statement

Shirley Lane statement

More statements will be added as they are received and some speakers didn’t have notes so their statements are not available.


All objected to the proposed house building for a variety of reasons.