Fairfield has provided a wonderful community space in Castle Cary and Ansford for several years with improved access for everyone, play and gym equipment, a cycle track, sensory gardening and just a space to meet and relax.

The project team and both Councils were careful in spending the money raised through grants to fund the original project and still have a small amount of money left which must be spent soon and must be used on this facility (rules of the grants). We also have some S106 money awarded to us from local building projects that has been allocated to Fairfield.

It has been suggested that we could extend the adventure play area by adding a climbing fort, and we have had requests for a shelter to be built near this area for parents/guardians and young people.

We would like your views on these new installations. A questionnaire will be included in the Town Newsletter that will be delivered to you shortly.

The following documents provide further information about these and the pros and cons of installing the equipment. Alternatively, do call into the lnformation Office during working hours to view the documents and photographs.

Information for Fairfield Questionnaire