The Castle Cary and Ansford Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted to South Somerset District Council, which has a duty to now carry out consultation prior to the Plan’s examination by an independent Examiner, to be appointed by the District Council. You have the opportunity to comment before the Examination takes place.

The consultation period runs from 29th November 2018 to 19th January 2019. Please see the Castle Cary and Ansford Submission Notice, which provides guidance as to how you may inspect the associated documentation and how comments should be made should you wish to do so. To make a response please use  this form.

Please be aware that a summary of all representations received will be publicly available and will appear on the South Somerset District Council website.

Following this consultation, the comments received will be passed to the Examiner, who will consider the representations and recommend whether the Neighbourhood Plan should be put to a community referendum.

Please ensure that any comments on the Neighbourhood Plan are received by South Somerset District Council no later than 19th January 2019.

Form more details of the Neighbourhood Plan, see the website: