Also, read all about our Community Cook Book:

Cary Cares is organised by Churches Together in Castle Cary and Ansford and endorsed by the Town Council.

Please pass the information to anyone without access to the Internet


Cary Cares can:

  • Provide free food and essentials, if you are experiencing financial difficulties – see details below
  • Provide someone to collect medicines or shopping for  you if you need to isolate, whatever your age.
  • Arrange for a phone call if you’re feeling cut off
  • Help with an electricity or gas card top up in an emergency

Phone 01963 602013           9.30am – 1pm (Mon- Sat)

email: [email protected]

Further details and contact can be made using Facebook 

If you, or someone you know, can’t afford food and other essentials, read on!

The community has set up a free scheme which anyone in Castle Cary or Ansford can use who doesn’t have the money for food and other essentials. We have boxes made up of foods which store well, together with basic toiletries and we supply fresh fruit and veg, plus milk and bread.

If you, or someone you know, needs any of this, please speak to any of the following people:

Cary Cares (Mon-Sat, 9.30am-1pm)                                         01963 602013

Your Health Coach or Health Visitor: Millbrook Surgery      01963 350210

The Primary School Head, Sarah Martin                                 01963 350520

Town Council Chair, Judi Morison                                            01963 350160

The Methodist Minister, Revd Craig Manley                          01963 351598

The C of E Pastoral Co-ordinator, Sue Kellagher                    01963 351992

We will arrange for the boxes you need to be delivered to you or, if you prefer, make them available for you to collect. If you need another one later, that’s no problem. Call again. The identity of all recipients is kept strictly confidential.

If you want to know more about how this scheme works, please phone Cary Cares. But, please don’t go hungry. Food is available