Dear Friends of Care4Cary

We have good news!

Community action has made a difference once more
The Planning Inspector has dismissed Andrew Hopkins’ appeal to locate a parking and valeting site for 991 cars at Dimmer. Richard Jones is the third Inspector who has agreed with local residents’ concerns about the poor safety and amenity of the B3153 for local residents and road users. The language of the dismissal was very clear. Click on this link to read it Huge thanks to the many people who wrote letters, sent photos and made lengthy submissions. It is clear from the Inspector’s report that your arguments were pivotal.

Together with other interested parties, Care4Cary is planning to present to Somerset Highways a dossier on this stretch of the B3153, which will include a report from an independent traffic consultant and incontrovertible traffic data. We will not give up until Highways recognises that there is a serious issue with the road between Lydford Cross and Ansford Bridge, and that something needs to be done about it.