This Wednesday, 12 July, South Somerset District Council (SSDC) Area East planning committee will consider Andrew Hopkins’ application to use land at Dimmer to store 991 vehicles. These former fleet cars will arrive and leave the site on massive vehicle transporters via the B3153, most likely through Clanville. Hopkins is requesting a change of use of the land from B2 to B8. The SSDC Planning Officer Dominic Heath-Coleman is recommending approval.

Representatives of Castle Cary Town Council, and Ansford, Cary Moor and Lydford Parish Councils will attend to raise serious concerns. We need to show the strength of local feeling by turning up in numbers. You don’t need to speak – just being there will make a difference.
Care4Cary has taken advice from an expert planning lawyer who has on our behalf sent two written submissions raising objections, pointing out that It is impossible to deduct from the application the potential impact on our local community from road safety, amenity and environmental perspectives. For example, it is not clear whether the cars will be valeted on site, or not. It is not clear exactly how many transporter trips will be made per day as the application merely quotes what happens at another site in Henstridge – 12 transporter movements per day. The application does not give a forecast for what would actually take place at Dimmer. The transporter figure could be higher! Our councillors should not be put in the invidious position of making a decision from totally inadequate information.
Some people have suggested this may be the least worst option for the site of Dimmer. We disagree.  And, it may well be that once a change of use to B8 (which includes large industrial warehousing) is granted Mr. Hopkins could submit a quite different application resulting in even more HGVs on the already overloaded B3153 and surrounding roads.
The meeting is taking place at SSDC Council Offices, Churchfields, Wincanton BA9 9AG. SSDC has notified us that the planning section of the agenda will start no earlier than 10.15 am this Wednesday.
Both public and press may attend the meeting. Should you wish to make your views known as an objector, you should arrive well before 10.15 am so that you can register that you wish to speak. Do remember that each person has a maximum of 3 minutes in which to speak and that they should avoid repetition of points already made.
Please come to the meeting if you can, even if you do not wish to speak, as it will help demonstrate to the Councillors on the Committee the strength of local opinion. Together, we can and do make a difference!

9 July 2017