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Bluebird Care (South Somerset)
Short Description: We specialise in working with customers and their families that require social care in their own homes.
Address: 26 Market St Yeovil
Phone: 01963 476 184
Description: Care and Support at home
Postcode: BA20 1HZ
Cary Brook House
Address: Millbrook Gardens, Castle Cary
Phone: 01963 350641
Postcode: BA7 7EE
Highfield House
Short Description: Residential Care Home
Address: High Street, Castle Cary
Phone: 01963 350697
South Cary House
Address: South Street, Castle Cary
Phone: 01963 350272
Postcode: BA7 7ES
The Hollies
Address: Florida Street, Castle Cary
Phone: 01963 350709
Postcode: BA7 7AE