The proposed closure of Barclays means that Cary will be without a bank. The banks are also closing in Wincanton which means that there will be no bank for miles.

It is important that as many people as possible complain about this.

If inspired please write to one or all of the following

John McFarlane, Chairman
Barclays Bank PLC
1 Churchill Place
E14 5HP

other options (same address, we guess)
Jes Staley, Group Chief Executive Officer
Paul Compton, Group Chief Operating Officer
Ashok Vaswani, CEO Barclays UK

Please copy your letter to our MP:
David Warburton MP
House of Commons

Cary Town Council will discuss this matter at 6.30 pm on Monday 31 July in the Shambles. You are welcome to attend this meeting on the understanding that there is very little that the Council can do about this but people power can sometimes work miracles.